Learning JavaScript Online for Free

After completing web fundamentals, I started the PHP course in CodeCademy.  I found I was struggling with it a bit and it wasn’t really gearing me up for my target job so I decided to switch to JavaScript which is highly in demand these days.

I started the CodeCademy course, but I didn’t find that it was really teaching me a whole lot.  I think it’s a good guide but so much is just fill in the blank vs. doing it on your own which made me feel I wasn’t learning very much.

I did some looking around and I found CodeAvengers which seems a lot more thorough and works better for me.  It is also free and has an HTML/CSS course which I will probably do once I’m done with the JavaScript.

I also found a blog post with a 6-8 week JavaScript course outlined.  It is something you can do at your own pace so I think it’ll work well and almost everything is free.  The course is made up of a variety of resources and from the comments others have made, it seems that you come out the end with a pretty good skill set so I’m excited.  He also created a course for Intermediate and Advanced JavaScript which I will likely do afterwards.

One thing he really stressed was the importance of writing out the examples in the books so I will post them to the blog when I’m done with them.  I think I will also code the CodeCademy part of the course in JSBin to get more used to tying complete code vs. just filling in the blanks.

Even if you don’t want/need to follow a complete course, I would recommend checking out JavaScript Is Sexy as the owner has some really great posts on just about everything related to coding in JavaScript.

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